Joshua Chiang's Greeting Cards: Pack of 6

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Choose 6 from the following designs (please specify your choices in the "Special Messages" text box while checking out):

TPC 0001 - It is Christmas in the heart... - William Thomas Ellis (OUT OF STOCK)
TPC 0002 - Christmas waves a magic wand... - Norman Vincent Peale
TPC 0003 - You can never truly enjoy Christmas... - John Richard Rice 
TPC 0004 - Blessed is the season...  - Hamilton Wright Mabie
TPC 0005 - The warmth and joy of Christmas... - Emily Matthews
TPC 0006 - The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree... - Burton Hills

TPC 0007 - We all have been created for the sole purpose... - Mother Teresa
TPC 0008 - If the only prayer you say... - Meister Eckhart
TPC 0009 - Time you enjoy wasting... - John Lennon
TPC 0010 - I'd rather die deceived by dreams... - Fariduddin Attar
TPC 0011 - Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you... - Rumi
TPC 0012 - Our purpose here is to observe... - Australian Aborigine Proverb
TPC 0013 - Flow with whatever may happen... - Chuang Tzu
TPC 0014 - Love does not consist in gazing at each other... - Antoine St Exupery
TPC 0015 - Perhaps they are not stars in the sky... - Eskimo Proverb
TPC 0016 - If we stand tall... - Yoruba Proverb
TPC 0017 - The path of the enlightened one... - Buddha
TPC 0018 - Where there's charity... - St Francis of Assisi

Each card comes with a white envelope.

Dimension: 180mm x 130mm

Joshua Chiang's Greeting Cards: Pack of 6

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