Vital Possessions

Vital Possessions by Marc Nair contemplates how city-dwellers negotiate their uneasy relationship with nature in a world where growth is both man-made and natural. The jungle is always one trim away from over-running us and we are often oblivious to it. The poems question what we hold as vital amid ceaseless consumption and our urban existence. 

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Vital Possessions

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$16.82 SGD



$16.82 SGD


"... poignant and introspective ..." —Mitali Chakravarty, Kitaab

"... Anyone who enjoys the music of verse and a good turn of phrase will find plenty of life in [this] collection." —Toh Wen Li, The Straits Times

"... remarkable and relevant in Singapore’s fast-paced society." —Natelie Kwan,


Marc Nair