How We Live Now: A Study Companion

How We Live Now: A Study Companion presents a scaffolded, detail-oriented approach to guide readers in the study of the short story anthology How We Live Now: Stories of Daily Living. For every story, this study companion offers a clear summary, detailed sections on analysing characters, themes, symbols and motifs, aspects of style, as well as a full glossary with contextual information about terms in the text. Discussion questions are integrated into each chapter, while relevant connections to other literary texts, broader concepts, and social contexts are also provided. Through tiered questions and worked examples, readers are guided to move beyond a merely descriptive response toward developing critical and analytical insights of their own. 

Introducing readers to a range of sources and ideas, this study companion unpacks the stories in the anthology, equipping readers with the necessary knowledge and skills to build personal interpretations. In the process, this guide invites readers’ mature engagement with the diverse issues raised, including the complexities and challenges of daily living in contemporary Singaporean settings.

With a wealth of guiding points and helpful notes, this study companion is an invaluable resource that aids readers to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the short stories in the anthology.

Read the foreword and the second chapter ("Close to Home").

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How We Live Now: A Study Companion

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Ow Yeong Wai Kit, Dominic Nah