Poetry Moves: An Anthology of Poetry

This anthology collects over 100 poems from Singapore, Asia and around the world, and is aimed at the adolescent reader. It seeks to cultivate a love of poetry and an exploration of real-world issues through verse among teenage readers.

The anthology will include work by well-known authors from Singapore such as Edwin Thumboo, Arthur Yap, Wong May, Lee Tzu Pheng, Aaron Maniam, Mohamed Latiff Mohamed, Pooja Nansi and Alfian Sa’at, as well as poets from abroad. The author list includes Seamus Heaney (Ireland), Li-Young Lee (USA), Boey Kim Cheng (Singapore- Australia), Sujata Bhatt (India), Carol Ann Duffy (UK), Gwendolyn Brooks (USA) and Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún (Nigeria).

Alongside these established names, the anthology will feature newer voices like Jennifer Anne Champion (Singapore), Anitha Devi Pillai (Singapore), Ocean Vuong (Vietnamese- American), Kaveh Akbar (Iranian-American) and Dhiyanah Hassan (Malaysia), as well as a handful of translated works.

This anthology encourages the comparative reading of poetry from Singapore and around the globe, for it is only in understanding others that one begins to understand self and the world.

For teachers, the aim of this anthology is three-fold:

  • We wish to curate a collection of poems from Singapore, Asia and internationally that would be relatable to adolescent readers while also challenging them to think critically and explore new ideas in poetry.;

  • The collection is curated in such a way as to allow readers to draw connections between poems dealing with related themes (e.g., love, travel, human relations, urban living) while also promoting independent exploration and original connections; and

  • The poetry anthology is also created with secondary school Literature teachers in mind—to serve them well as a relevant and valuable resource in the teaching of poetry.

Poetry Moves: An Anthology of Poetry

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Esther Vincent, Ann Ang, Angelia Poon, Loh Chin Ee