Phedra by Euginia Tan front cover
Phedra by Euginia Tan front cover


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by Euginia Tan



Phedra is a poetry collection of re-interpreted mythology – with an emphasis on female identity – which delves into the juxtaposition of idolatry and banality.

Read 4 poems

Listen to Euginia read Scavenger, A Livelihood and Flour.

About the Author

Euginia Tan has self-published two collections of poetry, Songs About Girls and Playing Pretty. She was in the NAC Mentor Access Programme 2013 (mentored by Grace Chia) and Curating Lab 2014 under Heman Chong and NUS Museum. She is also the curator for the Visual Arts Development and Association by Chan Hampe Galleries from 2015 to 2016. In 2016, she wrote her first play, Holidays (performed in 2016) under the mentorship of Joel Tan.


“A sensitive and beautifully written collection of poems that elicited a wry smile, a few laughs and some tears.”
Stephanie Fong, FOST Gallery

“Euginia Tan’s poetry breathes easily through the fluid lines of a spontaneous and organic rhythm, very much attuned to an urgent need of self-expression with a desire to be understood. Her work is inspired by myths and everyday melodrama, playing out psychosomatic conflicts that turn angst into art, and the prosaic into the poetic, balancing such tension on a bed of unusual and unforgettable metaphors.”
Grace Chia, author of womango and Cordelia

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    ISBN: 978-981-09-8417-5 (paperback) / 978-981-14-1213-4 (e-book)
    Published: 2016
    Dimension: 120mm x 200mm
    Pages: 84
    Format: Paperback



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