Bitter Punch


Shortlisted for the 2018 Singapore Literature Prize 

Bitter Punch is Loh Guan Liang’s second collection of poetry. With a wry eye for the everyday and its often forgotten characters, Loh explores what it means to live and love in the city. Even as it depicts the tension between ourselves and the spaces we inhabit, Bitter Punch still seeks sweetness in life’s hard, bitter moments.

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Bitter Punch

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$16.00 SGD


"At the heart of Bitter Punch is the passing of love. Loh Guan Liang has constructed a personal map of elegiac half-escapes although his book is also a love letter to the enigmatic city that has been sustaining him. These poems will haunt you with its cool detachment, its overthinking, and its sombre rhythm in search of connection through words." —Gwee Li Sui, poet and critic

"This is a mesmerising collection full of wit, wordplay and wisdom." —Felix Cheong, NAC Young Artist of the Year (2000)

"The journey through our emotions rarely has a destination. Or a map. Guan Liang’s Bitter Punch, however, provides a beacon as we walk the roads of pitch-black uncertainty and brutal realities." —Joelyn Alexandra, editor of fiction zine Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar

"Like a keen flâneur, Loh Guan Liang collects penetrating snapshots of the everyday in the city, and, like an artful cinematographer, turns them into silent moving images. His observations offer no false consolation, only the unsweetened taste of reality, acerbic as black coffee. Drink from this book of poems. Let it wake you up." —Wong Shu Yun, author of Do You Fear the Line


Loh Guan Liang