Equatorial Sunshine


What can Singapore's weather offer? More than a monochrome of rain and shine, as these poems show. Travelling the shifting patterns of youthful love and loss, they take us into sun, shade, shower, and the variations in between.

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From the Author: Why I Wrote this Book

It began with a change in climate;
I was whisked from the eternal sunshine of Singapore to a temperate residence in Nottingham, England. I started paying attention to the seasons, to the changing weather patterns of the skies, and the inside of my heart.

It began with contradictions;
It was meant to be the best year of my life. And it was the best, in the way some bittersweet things end up being the best—like coffee, rain, or sunsets.

It began.
I call it the year of the sun-showers. That is what happens when our joys collide with great sadness —sun-showers. And because sun-showers are beautiful, and because I felt them inside me, this book was born.



Equatorial Sunshine

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$14.00 SGD


Wong Su Ann


Grace Yeoh, Jemma Wei, Nicolette Ong, Samantha Lee


Michele Chao