Crossing Universes

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A companion to Unhomed, the other chapbook in the LIVEpress series, Crossing Universes begins with Theophilus Kwek’s “On Roads and Rituals”, a reflection on why we travel and what it means to be able to travel. The short stories and poems that follow continue to traverse literal and figurative universes, exploring a myriad of ideas and issues along the way: faith, depression, perception, birth, coming-of-age, and death. Alfonse Chiu’s short but quietly stunning “Hanami Post-Earthquake” draws the reader’s voyage to a close on an ethereal, pensive tone.

This chapbook is produced as part of LIVEpress, an initiative by Ethos Books to nurture editors, as well as young and/or unpublished writers. 

Through monthly workshops conducted by five established authors from December 2015 to March 2016, LIVEpress participants explored aspects of writing across different genres. The five established authors were Aaron Lee, Genevieve Wong, Jerrold Yam, Theophilus Kwek and Verena Tay.

Based on the theme of “Crossing Universes”, the young writers submitted creative pieces and were guided through the editorial process by a team comprising two editors at Ethos Books and two editorial mentees who were also LIVEpress participants. Their efforts have culminated in this anthology that curates their works, alongside submissions from some of the established writers who conducted the workshops.

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Crossing Universes

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Frederick Cheng, Lim Qing, Ng Kah Gay