Spomenik is a collection of poems and photographs from the Balkans. These impressions of people and places bookmark a glimpse of life across a multitude of cities, crossing terrains of history, war, culture and faith.

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$18.60 SGD


"Strategic juxtaposition and explicit to implicit comparisons are key to discerning the layers of beauty and meaning in this anthology of photographs and poems. Spomeniks are not just post-crisis testaments to humanity's failings and warring brutality but semaphores of art signifying both hope and tragedy against the ever-rising fog of time and forgetfulness. Against Marc Nair's images which strike that usual balance between the encroachment of shadows and surfaces of light, black and white, the almost laughable bustle of humdrum activity and an impending demolishment, the camera of his verse captures precisely the hushed poignancy of time's indifference: elevators in Belgrade failing to rise, power tripping, strangers cheering at "a giant screen that dwarves everyone", pebbles disappearing into dusk, etc. Like spomeniks themselves, the poems strive ambitiously to mark our acknowledgement of impermanence and our undying attempt to heal from the past" —Cyril Wong, poet and fictionist

"This is Marc Nair in his creative element, meditating on the image both in photography and with poetry. The experience of this collection is like getting to take a walk with him and being inside his mind as he explores these spaces with you." —Pooja Nansi, poet and educator


Marc Nair