The Evidence of the Senses

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by Colin Tan


Remembrance and desire, regret and anticipation, death and redemption. Tan’s epiphanic style gives access to the interpenetrating tensions of the human condition.

In I Chose to Climb, a mother reads her son’s diary for the reason behind his attempt of the Matterhorn which culminated in his ambiguous death: by suicide or exertion?

Comprising poetry and a short play, Evidence’s luminous language lays bare the logic and the heart of reality.

About the Author

Colin Tan reads Literary Theory at the University of Cambridge. His play I Chose to Climb (2001) was commissioned for the Port Fairy Spring Music Festival and was performed in Melbourne and London. Colin’s poetry has been published in Poetry Award Winners: Golden Point Award (2002), Love Gathers All: The Philippines-Singapore Anthology of Love Poetry (2002) in Singapore and the Remembrance anthology in the UK (2005).


"He is a master of metaphors and imagery, and it was really fun sleuthing out the hidden meanings."
- yamiyoghurt on Goodreads, who gave a 5-star rating

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ISBN: 978-981-05-7378-2
Published: 2007
Dimension: 120mm x 220mm
Extent: 78
Finish: Paperback

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