Light is like water

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Inspired by Jen's photographs—inscribed with a vigorous love for the mundane and the momentary—Jasmine writes her poems, not exactly describing the pictures, yet making a connection to them. 

The pictures were first taken when Jen was studying abroad. But where is this book, you may ask. And the two of them will tell you that it's everywhere.

"We like that, having no particular point of reference, and taking each day as it comes to find that place. No, it's not Singapore, and it's not England. Some of it is Thailand and Vienna, but it doesn't make a difference. There are harder places to map."



Light is like water

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“The visuals, of which many are casual polaroids, are wistful, evocative and often romantic. Clear summer skies and grainy void decks; rolling English fields and Singaporean bougainvillea blooming on overhead bridges - both the local and the foreign are captured with a dreamy tenderness.” – The Straits Times


Jasmine Seah, Jennifer Koh