Spomenik Postcards: Set of 8

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Alternatively, archival copies of Spomenik Postcards: Set of 8 are available at the National Library Board.

These are limited edition prints of photographs taken and featured in Spomenik by Marc Nair.

About the Book

Spomenik is a collection of poems and photographs from the Balkans. These impressions of people and places bookmark a glimpse of life across a multitude of cities, crossing terrains of history, war, culture and faith.

About the Author and Photographer

Marc Nair is a poet and photographer from Singapore. He has published five volumes of poetry and has also been featured in a number of anthologies. He has performed spoken word both competitively and on tour in over ten countries and also performs regularly with his band, Neon and Wonder. He is the co-founder of Mackerel, an online culture magazine.

• • •

Published: -
Dimension: 105mm x 148mm
Extent: -
Finish: packed with a belly band

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