Get this for someone who ...

A festive gift guide to help you decide what to give to who this year.

Get this for someone who likes to post photos of buildings on Instagram: Faith in Architecture, edited by Gul Inac

Architectural fanatics will be head over heels for 50 new places to explore and Instagram with Faith in Architecture.


Get this for someone who is always looking for the best buy: Union, edited by Alvin Pang and Ravi Shankar

UNION : 15 Years of Drunken Boat, 50 Years of Writing From Singapore is an impressive tome collecting over 120 of the best writings from Singapore and America (curated from Drunken Boat, an online literary journal). The best of the best, for the one who researches hours on end before they buy anything.


Get this for someone who is Cabinet-material 

For the friend who gets into intense discussions about parliamentary sessions, and always has ideas about how Singapore can be a better place, The Birthday Book, will be a dream-come-true of finding like-minded individuals. 51 others, to be exact.

Also consider: Troublemaker


Get this for someone who is in the process of applying for a BTO: Dream Storeys by Clara Chow

Get ready for more quizzes, questions, and paperwork in the title story of this stunning debut by Clara Chow. A quirky reinvention of Build-To-Order (BTO) as we know it—and check out the bonus: no waiting time needed!


 Get this for someone who needs to get out of their comfort zone

Sometimes, strength is drawn from knowing others have been there and made it through. The twenty-seven stories in Body Boundaries spans three generations of women's experience navigating life and growing into the person they are today.

Also consider: First Fires


Get this for someone who is a philandering scion of a tycoon

Just for laughs, as one of the protagonist is a philandering son of a tycoon. The Inlet is, however, based loosely on the true story of a Chinese lady drowning in Sentosa Cove in 2010.  


Get this for someone who is a cheong-ster

Whether your friend is a nightclub chiong-ster, or an everyday life chiong-ster, we think there'll be something for them in this epic 3-in-1 box set of Singapore humour.


Get this for someone who is an adventure seeker

For that one friend who would be ready to fly to the moon with you anytime, if you said you have the equipment and know-how. this is how you walk on the moon will take them into 25 different realms, and keep them entertained till you find that space machine.


Get this for someone who is always on the go

 For the friend who's always travelling to places, and feels straddled between the universes they've been in. Unhomed and Crossing Universes may be a thin chapbook set, but don't let its thickness (and the endearing bear on the cover) fool you for its heavy works. 


Get this for someone who aims to be a plant

For the nature-lover, or someone who desires to be patient like plants (growing at the same place and at their own pace). Or perhaps, they often wish that they could photosynthesize to make their own food. From Walden to Woodlands affirms the awe for plants and nature.


Get this for someone who needs a carthartic experience

For a friend who could use a metaphor or imagery to identify with things happening in their lives. Separation weaves the divide of Singapore and Malaysia with Christine's personal experience of her parents' divorce.

Also consider: Pulse, Me Migrant


Get this for someone who likes myths

For the friend who's not only excitable about all kinds of mythology, but is a walking encyclopedia of it too. In 3, Krishna Udayasankara—master of mythofiction—reimagines the life of Sang Nila Utama.


Get this for someone who regularly indulges in a dose of "The Good Old Days"

Set in a kampung on the verge of being pushed out to make way for land developments, Cherry Days will bring them back to the joy of climbing trees to pluck fruits, and how things used to cost cents. 

Also consider: My Mother-In-Law's Son, When A Flower Dies


Get this for someone who loves void decks and rooftops

Or if they've stolen pebbles from neighbours' plants when they were growing up. Gone Case is a non-cringing story of growing up, and growing up in the heartlands.

Also consider: Corridor


Get this for someone who likes "magic tricks"

The bonus of Smokescreens and Mirrors? Secrets behind the execution of these "magic tricks".

Also consider: Beyond the Blue Gate


Get this for someone who loves the naked truth

And especially if they are skeptical of the local newspapers. Riot Recollections charts the voices of people present at the Little India Riots to debunk the idea that all migrant workers were part of the mob, or want to incite unrest. 

Also consider: Living In A Time of Deception, The Invisible Force


Get this for someone who is a rebel at heart

And fights with a fiery passion for the things they believe in, like our Kampung Boy, M Ravi.

Also consider: Priest in Geylang


Get this for someone who has a love/hate relationship with their father

And not just fathers in the biological sense. Godsmacked explores the impact of LKY on the one's childhood and world views. 


Get this for someone who is against the construction of the Cross Island Line

And all MRT/LRT lines which plans to cut across nature reserves and heritage sites. Spaces of the Dead will be an eternal memory of the spaces which existed once before.

Also consider: Remains, World War II @ Bukit Brown, Tigers in the Park


Get this for someone who always complains about Singapore but will never leave it

Because the city's quirks and imperfections make it home after all (even if they deny it). There is No Other City.

Also consider: This Is Not A Safety Barrier