Faith In Architecture

“This book you are holding is designed to take you on a sacred journey through its pages. In fact, it is a journey that all of us take daily, just by walking along the streets of Singapore.”

Often we are not fully aware of the artistic, diverse and divine features of
more than a thousand houses of worship, which surround us in this small,
culturally diverse city-state. This semi-photobook is a humble attempt to
give 50 of these sacred sands/stones the voice required to share their stories with us and for us to move a little closer to understanding and appreciating the art and culture of major faiths being practised both locally and globally. Complementing the reflections and photography in the book are astute
sketches by renowned Singapore artist, Dr Ho Chee Lick.

Faith In Architecture is conceived as an extended end-result of an
undergraduate course (Faith in Art) offered as an elective at the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM), Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Dr Gül İnanç, who wrote and lectures the course, is editor of the book. This book is supported by the National Heritage Board and School of ADM, NTU.

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Faith In Architecture

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“This is book is a worthy project that celebrates the innate human desire for something higher, better and more glorious than mere human existence and the very diverse ways in which this will towards faith in a higher something is expressed.” —Lee Geok Boi, author


Gül İnanç