Speaking Out & Speaking Up: Xinjiao Perspectives

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This collection of essays by local and exchange students of SMU who were brought together to develop a deeper understanding of Singapore’s extraordinary progress in the past half century arose from a new course, Singapore in the World, the World in Singapore. The diverse perspectives – Singaporeans interpreting their experiences through a wider lens and exchange students bringing their views from home to make sense of a new country – challenge and augment the national narrative absorbed by locals who have been through the Singapore school system.

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Speaking Out & Speaking Up: Xinjiao Perspectives

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"A fascinating collection of essays by SMU and exchange students on diverse subjects ranging from a Singaporean in Xinjiang to online dating and French fashion. Anyone interested in what the millennials think about Singapore will find this volume refreshingly different." – Ho Kwon Ping, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Singapore Management University and Executive Chairman, Banyan Tree Group

"A must-read for anyone interested in better understanding not only contemporary Singapore, but more broadly the complexity of globalisation, what is shaping out future and the younger generation's views. This diverse and multi-faceted collection of essays shows how essential such intellectual exchanges are in today's world, in particular between Asia and Europe." – Benjamin Debertret, Ambassador of France to Singapore

"These essays present a nuanced view of Singapore. Too many journalists and academics only perpetuate stereotypes. Despite its small size, Singapore is a complex place not easy to understand. This is a good place to start for those who want more than just their biases confirmed." – Bilahari Kausikan, Ambassaor-at-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore

"This delightfully diverse collection of essays breathes life into the multi-faceted reality of Singapore in the world and the world in Singapore. The authors show how Singapore fuses global elements into an inescapably local cultural substratum that is as unique as it is evolving." – Leon Perera, CEO, Spire Research and Consulting


Pang Eng Fong, Arnoud de Meyer