Local Encounters in a Global City. Singapore Stories.


What is the impact of a constant flow of people and capital in one of the most globalised cities in the world? In this collection of essays, the authors pursue an ethnographic approach to globalization, and while they were informed by official statistics and social theory, they relied mostly on first-hand observations of life and experiences in Singapore.

From iconic Singapore locations like the Botanic Gardens, Raffles Place and ION Orchard Shopping Mall to the seamier side of globalisation in the red-light district of Geylang and disused factories housing migrant workers, the authors relate their narratives in telling details and street insights.

There is no single position for or against globalisation in this collection. The diverse views show the complex effects of global capital and labour flows on the culture and cityscape of Singapore at a time when sustained challenges are emerging to the global economic and political order of a past generation.



Local Encounters in a Global City. Singapore Stories.

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Anju Mary Paul