Walking With Singapore: The Workers' Party 60th Anniversary

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The Workers’ Party marks its 60th anniversary this year. The party invites readers to know their story, tell them how to do better, and join them to walk the long road of progress and fight the good fight of democracy.

This commemorative book includes essays and interviews that trace the journey the Workers’ Party has taken with the country. The chapters track the confident strides David Marshall had opened up and the tumultuous, heartbreaking run of JB Jeyaretnam. They witness the marathon work of Low Thia Khiang and his teams in pushing for the breakthrough of democracy in the service of Singaporeans. 

There is no revelling in glories, no indulging in righteous indignations. The book presents the facts in a history of growth and decline, disappointment and revival. By looking back honestly at the past, while celebrating the present and modest achievements against massive odds, the party hopes to learn to do better in empowering Singaporeans for the future.


Walking With Singapore: The Workers' Party 60th Anniversary

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Daniel Goh Pei Siong