A Quest for Freedom

A Quest for Freedom – freedom from poverty, freedom to learn, freedom to live – without fear or favour. This has been the quest of Gopalan Raman, known to most of his friends and fellows in the legal fraternity as G Raman. His critical mind and outspoken nature led to his arrest and detention without trial whilst he was still a practising lawyer. Despite the ordeal, he returned to practising, and teaching younger entrants to the hallowed profession, one which he still upholds in the highest regard.


A Quest for Freedom

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Raman had made a remarkable journey from Chenderoh to Singapore and despite the hardship, financial constraints and detention without trial he has triumphed against all odds. —From the Foreword by TPB Menon, Former President, Law Society of Singapore

An honest account by an honest lawyer (no, not an oxymoron) of times, places and people who are no more. Raman’s personal story is the story of a poor boy who made good, achieving fame and notoriety in equal measure. It is a riveting read for anyone who wants to know more about the fate of a political detainee when he is taken away in handcuffs, what kind of justice he gets, and the pressures that are put on him. It is riveting if you want to learn more about the dark side of Singapore politics and the People’s Action Party government. Raman’s autobiography is sprinkled with fascinating vignettes about people who were once household names in government, in the Opposition, in the judiciary, in the courts, in Singapore society. It is an account of a life well lived and the guiding principles of an unusual man with an unusual story – and in today’s materialistic world, a rarity. —Lee Geok Boi, writer and pop historian


G Raman