Happy Long Life to You

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How do the vulnerable love and live?

In a HIV shelter for children in India, a group of medical students from Singapore meet Uma—a victim, a survivor, a mother. Drawing on Uma’s life experiences, these students have written stories to expose the exploitation and discrimination she suffered as a victim of HIV, to give voice to her resilience in surmounting these trials, and to celebrate caretakers like herself who have dedicated their lives to the nurturing of children living with HIV.

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About Shelter Trust

The stories in Happy Long Life to You are based on the caretakers and children of Shelter Trust, a children’s trust registered with the Indian government since 2005. It is an orphanage home for children living with HIV or AIDS. The home is located in a rural suburb on the edge of Chennai, India. Its founder and director, Solomon Raj, juggles multiple jobs to financially provide for the children. Trained staff look after the children’s needs such as food, healthcare and education.

Shelter is now home to 43 children. Currently, a second home is rented in accordance with local regulations and in view of the growing family. The constant need for financial assistance is clear from Solomon’s tireless outreach to sponsors and organisations. He believes firmly in Shelter’s mission to give love, laughter and life to their children.

Happy Long Life to You

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Elampirai Elangovan, Nadia Sim, Yang Kaymond