A Place For Us

 Disability is neither strange nor distant. Part autobiography, part reflections of social advocate Cassandra Chiu’s experiences as a person living with visual impairment, A Place For Us is the story of the first woman to be a guide dog handler in Singapore and the first Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in Southeast Asia who happens to be blind.

Cassandra’s story starts with her growing-up years in 1980s Singapore, chronicling how her life unfolds with the onset of Stargardt disease, which causes progressive vision loss. From pursuing an education, navigating motherhood, to building a career as a psychotherapist, Cassandra openly discusses the attitudes towards disability and her journey towards true independence with her guide dog Esme.

In inimitable frankness, A Place For Us offers an illuminating perspective of a person living with disability beyond the pity party of her life, and advocates for a more equal and sustainable future for people with disabilities.

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A Place For Us

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“I hope it will be read by many Singaporeans and friends abroad. I hope the book will be an inspiration to many in the disabled community in their struggle for acceptance and equality.” —Prof. Tommy Koh, Ambassador-at-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from his Foreword to A Place For Us

“Cassandra is a lady with immense mental strength who shares her resilient spirit in her new book A Place For Us. This is a well-written book for anyone who wants to learn about the experience of disability, and how we can do our part to make the community more inclusive.” —Dr. Jessica Leong, CEO/Clinical & Academic Director, Executive Counselling & Training Academy

“Cassandra invites us to enter her world by sharing her poignant story about resilience, optimism, independence, courage and zest for life. Her blindness does not stop her from choosing to live life to her fullest potential while passionately advocating for inclusivity and equality for all blind people. This is one change-maker’s voice that must be heard and amplified.” —Dr. William Wan, General Secretary, the Singapore Kindness Movement

“Powerful, heartfelt, courageous and honest. Cassandra makes us think deeper about what kind of society we are and who we want to be.” —Eunice Olsen, creator of International Emmy Award-Nominated series, WomenTalkTV


Cassandra Chiu