The Sound of SCH: A Mental Breakdown, A Life Journey

Winner of the Singapore Literature Prize (Non-Fiction 2016)

Can a life weave along through the same notes and yet come to play forth different sounds?

The Sound of SCH (pronounced S-C-H) is the true story of a journey with mental illness, beautifully told by Danielle Lim from a time when she grew up witnessing her uncle's untold struggle with a crippling mental and social disease, and her mother's difficult role as caregiver. The story takes place between 1961 and 1994, backdropped by a fast-globalising Singapore where stigmatisation of persons afflicted with mental illness nevertheless remains deep-seated. Unflinchingly raw and honest in its portrayal of living with schizophrenia, The Sound of Sch is a moving account of human resiliency and sacrifice in the face of brokenness.

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The Sound of SCH: A Mental Breakdown, A Life Journey

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$18.60 SGD


“An unflinching memoir of how mental illness rips the heart out of a family, it is as brutally honest as it is compassionate. Only a handful of books have moved me to tears. The Sound of Sch is one of them.” —Felix Cheong, Chief judge for Singapore Literature Prize (Non-Fiction) 2016

"Danielle has skilfully woven the theme of human struggle against mental illness amidst the backdrop of Singapore's emergence as a modern city. She plunges us into an exploration of life's meaning in a poignant tale of love, courage and sacrifice. Highly recommended!" —Dr Delvin Ng, Family Physician

"The Sound of Sch is a great read. It takes you on an engrossing journey into the unnoticed and hidden world of those living with mental illness -- the afflicted and their caregivers. Though society is becoming more accepting, mental illness still carries a stigma. And stigma never fails to bring with it loneliness and despair. Danielle's from-the-heart depiction intrigues you as you turn the pages. I am humbled by the unsung efforts, difficult sacrifices and courage of the afflicted and their caregivers as they live through each day. The life journey of Danielle's uncle and mother reminds me once again that we can find great beauty and resilience in brokenness, even if we cannot find an answer, a reason or a purpose. An impactful, moving book." —Ms Emily Tan, Senior Medical Social Worker

"While the medical fraternity and other mental health professionals continue the search for a more effective way of reducing the debilitating effect of schizophrenia, it is heartwarming to read the moving story of this world of the schizophrenic -- his daily struggles, his torment and the dedication of his sister to care for him with the faith that no matter what happens, her caring made a difference. It has been my privilege to have met Madam Chu in the course of my work. I am touched by the sacrifice and love she has for her brother, and I believe that readers will be similarly moved." —Dr Lim Yun Chin, Specialist in Psychiatry


Danielle Lim