Notes After Terawih


‘Tarawih’ (Arabic) comes from the root word that means to take a rest, and take rest I did. Notes After Terawih is a series of word sketches I drew based on my distracted observation during night prayers, or terawih prayers, done in a single mosque during Ramadhan. Thousands of us here in Singapore engage in terawih for thirty nights in a row – that’s a huge multitude of experiences. Yet, all these experiences are tucked within the walls of the mosque and ultimately remain in Ramadhan... As a new kid in this terawih thing, I decided to take some notes. None of these were written on the spot. Instead, they were recalled and typed on my phone as I headed home for the night.

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Notes After Terawih

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$12.00 SGD


... an endearingly familiar pious insecurity, combined with an astute Singapore-Muslim humour ... a peek into the inner life of ordinary Muslims ... —Ibrahim Tahir, owner of Wardah Books