Teo Eng Seng: Art and Thoughts

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by T.K. Sabapathy


Teo Eng Seng. Art and Thoughts is the first detailed, historical study of this artist by the renowned art historian T.K.Sabapathy. It spans more than fifty years of continuous creative activity, from the mid-1950s until the present. Sabapathy begins with the earliest surviving pictures produced by Eng Seng while he was studying art in classes organized by the Singapore Art Society, examining their content, techniques and reception. In 1960, Eng Seng traveled to England, intending to further his study of art. He resided in London and Birmingham for ten years, completing his formal education and teaching in art colleges. These were vital years for consolidating foundations for his practice; they are carefully analyzed, conveying vivid impressions of the intellectual and creative advancements of this artist. On returning to Singapore, Eng Seng continued to teach and practice art – the two professions reinforcing one another. Sabapathy discusses these aspects with deep insights. Eng Seng’s creative status in Singapore’s art is illuminated with detailed appraisals of particular works and by comparing him with other artists In all these respects, this publication inaugurates fresh horizons in the modern art historical fields of Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Eng Seng was born in 1938 in Singapore. One of the country's pre-eminent artists, he was awarded the Cultural Medallion in 1986. Eng Seng graduated in Fine Art (1967) and Art Teaching (1968) from Birmingham College of Art and Design and Birmingham University, England respectively. He then embarked upon a long teaching career which took in Shoreditch School (London) and United World College of South East Asia (Singapore) among others, as well as serving on various arts bodies and institutions.

Published together for the first time are Eng Seng’s major creations in various media, including painting, installation art and his unique paperdyesculp, from the 1960s to 2010.

About the Author

T.K. Sabapathy has researched into, and published extensively on art and artists in Southeast Asia. As an art historian, curator, teacher, critic and advisor, he has influenced artistic opinion and shaped knowledge of art of this region over the past thirty-five years. His art historical methods, critical documentation and detailed explications of the works of key artists have defined modern art in Singapore and Malaysia.
Sabapathy is currently an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore, and a lecturer in the history of art. He concurrently teaches art history at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. 

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ISBN: 978-981-08-8461-1
Published: 2011
Dimension: 218mm x 280mm
Extent: 240
Finish: Paperback

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