The Accidental Entrepreneur: Life and Reflections of Choo Heng Thong

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by Choo Heng Thong


Born in the post-war baby boom years in Malaya, Choo Heng Thong rose from his humble beginnings in Johor Bahru to become an entrepreneur in the heady days of Singapore’s industrialisation in the 1970s. He was the first from his family to receive tertiary education, and in Australia at that, graduating as an engineer.

According to one of his mentors, Ken Sundstrom: “Choo Heng Thong certainly has had a very successful career. He started with an idea, some capital, lots of ambition and turned this into a large company employing hundreds of people in factories in four countries. His company turned out high quality parts that were used throughout the world providing a valuable service to companies who needed the parts and to consumers who were the end users. By providing worthwhile jobs for hundreds of employees, he had a major impact on the economic lives of all those families. Heng Thong’s initial idea ended up touching the lives of thousands. Many ingredients go into making success. What worked for him?”

Among other things, perseverance and integrity marked his journey to success, yet he has walked away from it all to sing to a different tune… to live a life of greater meaning and significance. To him, it is still a work-in-progress.

(Published by Choo Heng Thong)

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ISBN: 978-981-08-9268-5
Published: 2011
Dimension: 148mm x 220mm
Extent: 312
Finish: Paperback

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