The Singapore Letters of Rigor Mortis

The Singapore Letters of Rigor Mortis

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by Dr George Caldwell

*Note that book is not in mint condition


This book is a collection of letters by Dr George Caldwell, most of which were published in the main newspapers in Singapore from the late 1960s till the late 1990s.

The letters were an attempt by Dr Caldwell to try and prevent the destruction of whole streets as well as individual buildings in Singapore.
Quite a number of points made in his letters were taken up by the authorities in Singapore, and much remains relevant today.

The book is published by Dr George Caldwell.

About the Author

Dr Caldwell (or Dr Igor Mortis as he calls himself in this book) was dragged to a well-known North of England Medical School and entered for the course in 1941. Escaping in 1943, he served in the Royal Navy for three years and then returned reluctantly to his medical studies and qualified eventually M.B.B.S. in 1951.

After the first few years learning to be a doctor, in hospitals and then in a good rural practice in East Yorkshire, he returned to the sea as Ship's Surgeon on a voyage to China.

There have been further travels to Russia and Nepal, Burma, Thailand and Cambodia, the Americas, North and South and Mexico. To East Africa and Madagascar and the islands in between. To India and Ceylon, Hong Kong and Japan and some Pacific Islands.

Most experience of medicine was gained in a very busy practice in South-east Asia. Dr Mortis is now retired, more or less.

His other publications include More or Less Rapid Transit and Electric Flying Tram-Car.

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ISBN: 978-981-08-1345-1
Published: 2008
Dimension: 205mm x 205mm
Extent: 182
Finish: Paperback



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