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A Whole Neu World: 18 Months in Laos

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by Neu Wee Teck


A Whole Neu World is an engaging account of Neu Wee Teck's (mis)adventures in Laos and his encounters with its lovely people during his stint as a volunteer teacher with the Singapore International Foundation. Besides his official assignment of teaching English to government officials in Vientiane, he managed to find time to chew bamboo larvae and duck out of drinking duck blood in the mountains of north-eastern Laos, fend off the matchmaking attempts of a noodle seller, help out at village schools, and organise the first Laos-Singapore Charity Run. Wee Teck shows that, sometimes, taking a leap of faith into the unknown is indeed the best way to grow – spiritually, professionally and, not least, horizontally.

About the Author

Neu Wee Teck was with Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE) for 10 years; his stint included 18 months as a volunteer teacher with the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) under the SIF-MOE Outreach scheme. Wee Teck believes in the value of learning from gritty experience and astute observation, and feels that trampling on pristine paths and innocent bunnies is the best way to do so. He is now pursuing an MBA at Tsinghua University, Beijing, after which he will embark on his grand plans to change the world for the better. In his idle moments (which is most of the time), Wee Teck loves watching the sky with his two best friends, Ben & Jerry.

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ISBN: 978-981-07-3136-6
Published: 2012
Dimension: 130mm x 190mm
Extent: 162
Finish: Paperback



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