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How did a man in a wheelchair break a world record? What did a factory worker do to get her PhD? Who turned an ah beng gangster into a committed volunteer? What does it really mean to be DIFFERENT? 

DIFFERENT asks Singapore's extraordinary individuals – from pop celebrity Kit Chan to NKF's TT Durai – just what it takes to stand out from the crowd – and how you can make a real difference in your life, if you are: 

  • wondering what to do with your life
  • struggling against criticism and setbacks
  • starting a new business or endeavour
  • fighting to live your dreams

Sometimes cheeky, often provocative and always thoughtful, their candid stories of struggle and success testify to the power of dreams and the lessons of failure. 

DIFFERENT is Singapore's own tribute to the strength of the human spirit. It is also a practical guide to living, learning and growing. 

Live DIFFERENT today! 

The Editorial Team

Editorial Advisor: Noted by The Straits Times as one of the 50 persons under the age of of 40 to watch for, Daren Shiau, a partner of Allen & Gledhill, is also a writer and an environmental conservationist who enjoys music by Joy Division, The Smiths and Pixies. Daren spearheaded several seminal youth environmental initiatives in Singapore. He is now director of Singapore Environment Council, Board Member of National Parks Board and appointed international expert of the Commission of Environmental Law, IUCN (Switzerland). His literary works (novel Heartland) have been published and performed in Singapore, Germany, Italy, Australia, the US and UK. He was a recipient of the NAC Young Artist Award in 2002 and was also awarded a Fulbright grant and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation Education Award. 

Editor: Alvin Pang holds 1st class honours in Literature from the University of York and a Fellowship in Writing from the University of Iowa's International Writing Program (2002). His books include Testing The Silence (1997), City of Rain (2003) and several anthologies, including No Other City: The Ethos Anthology of Urban Poetry (2000). As a poet and writer, he has been featured in major publications and festivals around the world, including the Edinburgh International Book Festival. He is a founding directer of the WORDFEAST international and The Literary Centre (Singapore). He also manages several literary websites, contributes commentary to The Straits Times, and develops web, editorial and strategic communications for a range of corporate and public sector organisations.  

Writer: Felix Cheong was the recipient of the National Arts Council's Young Artist of the Year for Literature Award in 2000. He has published poetry, YA novels, short stories and recently, satire flash fiction in Singapore Siu Dai I and Singapore Siu Dai II (and has read at writers' festivals in Edinburgh, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. After a three-year stint as TV producer with the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (now MediaCorp), Felix joined Asia Business News (now CNBC Asia) as studio director in 1993. He left for Australia in 2001 to pursue his Master of Philosophy in Creative Writing at the University of Queensland. Since 2002, Felix has been working as a freelance journalist for Today and The Edge Singapore. In addition, he lectures part time at LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Temasek Polytechnic.

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ISBN: 981053765-4
Published: 2005
Dimension: 190mm x 190mm
Extent: 161
Finish: Paperback

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