Sensing Singapore: Reflections in a Time of Change

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In his new book, Sensing Singapore: Reflections in a Time of Change, entrepreneur, thought leader and political commentator Devadas Krishnadas provides an insight into what these events say about Singapore’s present and near future. The commentaries are interwoven with the author’s personal story of his learning journey as he sets out on new professional and personal directions.

The book includes a foreword by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Law as well as a note by Ms Nicole Seah, a young political activist who captured the imagination of the electorate during the 2011 General Election. They highlight the need for public intellectuals in Singapore to provide an objective discourse on issues of national importance.

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Sensing Singapore: Reflections in a Time of Change

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"… Devadas has established himself as a serious thinker on social issues… He is one of the rare few who tell it like it is. His columns are invariably thoughtful and honest.” - K. Shanmugam, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law

“Sensing Singapore weaves together a rich tapestry of Singapore's past, present and possible futures. All who care about Singapore, whatever personal ideological leanings, should read this book.” - Dr Jeremy Lim, Principal Consultant, Insights Health Associates

“Devadas’s writings cut through the fog of rhetoric and deal head-on with the tensions, challenges and trade-offs faced by global cities like Singapore...” - Alvin Sheng Hui Tan, Robert and Renée Belfer International & Global Affairs Fellow (2008-2010), Belfer Centre for Science & International Affairs, Harvard University

“The writing is engaging, the breadth of topic is expansive, and the arguments thought-provoking and persuasive. A must read for anyone interested in the tapestry of Asia." - Tom Sass, Captain, US Navy (Retired), Ph.D., Managing Director, HFR Platform, HFR Asset Management, LLC.


Devadas Krishnadas