Towards The Blue: Adventures of a City Wimp

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When Mei Ching Tan landed a grant of ten grand, she knew immediately that she could not buy a chocolate factory, so she did what she always dreamt of doing: have the wilderness experience of her life. Plunging headlong into the Canadian wilderness with plenty of toilet paper and insect repellant, Tan, when she was not battling hypothermia and suspect outhouses, explored the rich Native American and Nordic folklore of the Canadian Rockies and Maritime Provinces, and the abundant natural history of the inhabitants.

Puzzling over the different cultural interpretations of “running water” and “nearby”, Tan called on her inner endurance, imagination, and very little foul language as she and her fiancé ventured into the unknown with people they'd never seen before. They rode on horses into bear and wolf country, coasted down whitewater after local legends, attempted hiking feats without becoming grizzly fodder, pushed the boundaries of tendonitis and extended bladders while strapped in sea kayaks, discovered the very real personalities of water, wind, sun and the Atlantic thunderstorm, and trod through centuries-old scrub and millennia-old soil — all in search of communion with Mother Earth and the illusive ideal called Adventure.


Towards The Blue: Adventures of a City Wimp

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Mei Ching Tan