Bring The Sun

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 This is a collection of 50 poems from the doyen of Singapore poetry, culled from three of his earlier works which are now out of print. Says Jonathan Webster of the City University of Hong Kong, "Edwin Thumboo is an artist with a message. For him, the art of poetry lies in the poet's technique. Each of his poems is a highly textured, grammatically intricate work of art with multiple layers of meaning and metaphor."

Check out the Bring The Sun DVD too, where Prof. Thumboo discusses and talks about the background and inspiration in writing each poem.


Bring The Sun

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"From the very start Thumboo's has been a powerful voice - one which lingers and demands attention: each poem contains gems which together form an inimitable filigree of literary excellence." - Kirpal Singh, Director, Wee Kim Wee Centre, Singapore Management University

"...the poems which strike the deepest chord are those the poet delves into a moment in time and place and brings it vividly alive, plunging the reader, like a bold immigrant, into the embrace of a wondrously new context." - Stephanie Yap, Journalist, The Straits Times


Edwin Thumboo