Last Three Women

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A zany mix of Beat, Pop and MTV, Koh’s poems side-step the ready path of lyrical sentimentality. His sharp, often barbed and witty observations about people we know from mass media, modern metropolis, women and inane things verges on caricature, satire and irony.

Reflecting the concerns and non-concerns of the “now” generation,Last Three Women zooms in on a world that can be ridiculous and unsettling. A delightful debut collection.

About the Author

Koh Beng Liang is a founding editor of The 2ndRule, an urban guerilla creative magazine which aims to move people from apathy to action. The monthly issues consist of poetry, prose and new media content such as graphics and short films. As DJ Beng, he mixes the Instant Café Radio Show, which can be heard at The 2ndRule.

A Public Service Commission scholar, he graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1999 with a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He currently works as a Systems Analyst.

Koh’s poetry was previously published in the No Other City anthology. This is his first book.



Last Three Women

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Koh Beng Liang