Local Anaesthetic: A Painless Approach to Singaporean Poetry

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This is the book for every teacher who has ever wanted to introduce Singaporean Poetry in their Literature classroom but didn't feel confident enough about doing it.

This guide, written by teachers for teachers, presents a painless and flexible approach to designing a unit around teaching Singaporean poetry in a way that is tailored to your own classroom. You will find a detailed guide to each poem and suggestions for how to teach them thematically or by difficulty level or even for the specific purpose of helping your students understand a particular poetic device - this allows you to choose the approach which works best for your classroom. And since we understand the daily grind of being a teacher, we also provided ready-to-use lesson plans and guides for your convenience.

Ultimately, we all want our students to see that poetry isn't scary or unapproachable. The easiest way to understand anything is to begin with what we know and because many of the poems in this guide deal with a world that is familiar, they also provide an accessible launch pad from which students and teachers can explore poems from many other parts of the world together.

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Local Anaesthetic: A Painless Approach to Singaporean Poetry

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Pooja Nansi, Erin Woodford