Still Travelling

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Still Travelling is the much-awaited sixth book of poems by Edwin Thumboo. The last appeared in 2003. According to Jonathan Webster, Professor and Head, Department of Chinese Translation and Linguistics and Director, The Halliday Center, City University of Hong Kong: "Edwin Thumboo is an artist with a message. For him, the art of poetry lies in the poet's technique. Each of his poems is a highly textured, grammatically intricate work of art with multiple layers of meaning and metaphor." In this volume, Thumboo offers the first four of his Christian poems: "David from The Terrace", "Uriah", "Bathsheba" and "Salome".



Still Travelling

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"Modern poets as great as Eliot and Larkin have found the gift leave them but Thumboo is like Hardy and Yeats in writing well throughout his life. He was at the forefront of Singapore poetry when it was founded and he is at the forefront of Singapore poetry now." - Dennis Haskell, Professor of English, Communications and Cultural Studies, University of Western Australia; editor of Westerly magazine.


Edwin Thumboo