This Mortal World


• This Mortal World was shortlisted for the 2012 Singapore Literature Prize.

Gods, animals, and men walk together in the landscape of these poems, sometimes aware of each other, sometimes not. A man and a hawk lean over a railing looking out at the world below; a rainstorm rejuvenates a carload of teachers; a congratulatory message from the stars arrives years after a relationship has ended. A jealous fox spirit causes trouble in England; a dying bat takes off on the last flight of its life. Together these poems present a cosmophany, showing forth the world in all its transience and beauty.

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This Mortal World

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"In This Mortal World, Leonard Ng creates a cosmos in which different realities meet, and the perception of beauty as something fragile and easily destroyed is never far away. This is a watercolour world: delicate brushstrokes and layers of metaphor depict animals, friends, seasons, cityscapes (especially in Ng's native Singapore), travel, love and loss." — Cha: An Asian Literary Journal


Leonard Ng