Interlogue Series Collection (8 Volumes)

Interlogue Series Collection (8 Volumes)

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edited by Kirpal Singh


A nation's history is reflected in its Literature. As such, the Literature must be studied and studied not only by those who "belong" to the nation in terms of citizenship, but also by those who "belong" in terms of affinity, encounter, imagination and scholarship.
— a note on the Interlogue Series by Kirpal Singh

Interlogue is a Series that brings into critical focus the works of Singapore writers in English. The Series aims for stimulating insights through sustained engagements with a variety of approaches, themes and perspectives. Edited by Assoc Prof. Kirpal Singh, the contributors range from established scholars to new, young researchers in the field. All offer essays which serve to extend and enrich current understanding of the literature.

In the Series:
Volume 1: Fiction
Volume 2: Poetry
Volume 3: Drama
Volume 4: Interviews
Volume 5: Robert Yeo
Volume 6: Haresh Sharma
Volume 7: Edwin Thumboo
Volume 8: Inteviews II

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About the Editor

Kirpal Singh was the Head of the Division of Literature and Drama at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). He is currently with the newly established Singapore Management University as Head of Cultural Studies. Singh is also an internationally recognised scholar and creative writer. He edits the prestigious journal, World Literature Written in English and sits on the boards of numerous international journals and associations.

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Published: 1998-2009
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