Found Texts of the AAI Anon, Circa 3119: Eight Lyric Essays


Within this book are eight found texts written over the span of a millennium, discovered circa 3119 AD. These are epistolary meditations unearthed, attributed to AAI Anon, an advanced artificial intelligence. As omniscient narrator, this AI presence is capable of exhibiting some emotion, which curiously infuses its depiction of things with some measure of affection and empathy.

Wired into its vocation as a curator, AAI Anon surveys the futuristic cityscape as artifice, even as it renders it into art, penned here as lyric essays or postcard fiction. As speculative fiction, each vignette represents only a pinhole into the AI’s consciousness, as well as the reality that surrounds it. Witness a world as it evolves through time. There’s talk of renewable energy and space exploration. How do work, education, housing, healthcare, culture, community look like in the future? Did we survive the climate crisis? Dip into these random musings. Apprehend these confessional intimations. Witness a future reauthor its own story.


Found Texts of the AAI Anon, Circa 3119: Eight Lyric Essays

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Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé