Singapore Siu Dai 3 by Felix Cheong front cover
Singapore Siu Dai 3 by Felix Cheong back cover

Singapore Siu Dai 3: The SG Conversation Dabao!

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by Felix Cheong
illustrations by PMan

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Two years and a 2kg weight gain later, Felix Cheong is back with more Siu Dai stories. So much has happened, from SG50 to GE2015, as Singapore matures into a weirder society. And these short, short stories capture those funny moments.

Just remember not to laugh too loudly when you read them on the train!

About the Author

Felix Cheong has never considered himself a funny writer. Until the Singapore Siu Dai stories hit him in the head, he was known more as a writer of poetryand fiction. He is a lecturer in journalism and a weekly columnist with news website The Middle Ground. Nothing surprised him as much as the satirical short, short stories that came together in a rush in Singapore Siu Dai. And he hopes they’ll surprise you too!


“It’s like reading five years’ worth of social media’s greatest posts about Singaporeans: addictive, and without ads!”
—Otto Fong, author of Sir Fong’s Adventures In Science

“Felix writes great satire that hits home. Whether it’s about compliant, obedient Singaporeans who decide to have less or more children according to the national agenda or about senior citizens who struggle to keep up with the constant changes, or the complaint culture that is prevalent. He unravels the good, bad and ugly side of life in Singapore with humour, peppered with a dash of cynicism.”
—James Suresh, bestselling author and co-creator of comic icon ‘Mr Kiasu’


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ISBN: 978-981-09-8999-6
Published: 2016
Dimension: 130mm x 200mm
Extent: 152
Finish: Paperback




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