My New Monster Truck

My New Monster Truck

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by Suchen Christine Lim
illustrated by Lee Kowling



A lively story about a girl learning to drive… a remote-control truck. She caused havoc in the market, but the uncles and aunties forgave her when she apologised. They then taught her how to handle her new “toy”.

About the Author

Suchen Christine Lim has years of experience writing stories for illustrated books to teach English to young students. She is also an accomplished author of several novels and short stories, bagging the Singapore Literature Prize when it was first awarded in 1992.

About the Illustrator

Lee Kowling is a children’s book illustrator. She has illustrated more than 40 children’s books and has worked with major publishing houses in Singapore. A designer by training, Kowling is much sought after for her water-colour painting.

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ISBN: 978-981-09-0844-7
Published: 2009
Dimension: 200mm x 150mm
Extent: 20
Finish: Paperback



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