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In Johnny Jon Jon’s plays, seemingly ordinary events are turned into hauntingly profound exchanges when the individual’s sense of self comes under scrutiny.

In Hawa, a new Muslim convert finds herself tasked with overseeing the funeral arrangements of her partner.

In Potong, a son is sent away by a mother to return to Singapore to undergo the coming-of-age rites of passage that await him: circumcision and conscription.

Deftly alternating between beats of humour and tension, Jon Jon reveals how these characters contend with the paradigms, manifest or otherwise, that shape their existence.

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From now till 13 June, purchase our 'book + play' bundle to get a copy of Potong: To Care/Cut and watch Teater Ekamatra's 2018 production of Potong on demand! The VOD link will be emailed to you from 18 May onwards, and available to watch till 30 June. 


"Johnny Jon Jon’s glib and quirky script does away with conventional kitchen sink type dialogue, and is rife with innuendo and references to genitalia from the get-go...Potong is a sharply written coming-of-age story exploring the complex bond between parents and children, the sacrifices they make for each other, and how letting go is as much an expression of love as holding on." - Arts Equator

"Hawa boldly interrogates the position and value of religion in today’s society where faith seems to be waning in the face of progress in science and where heterosexuality is no longer the only sexuality endorsed. Non-Muslim audiences are also treated to a rare opportunity to peek into the rituals behind an Islam funeral." - Lee Min Jie for Centre 42


(Preorder) Potong: To Care/Cut

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