Blood Collected Stories

Winner of the 2016 Indie Book Awards (Short Stories)

Noelle Q. de Jesus’ collection of short stories is a striking debut of cultural exchanges and foreign tongues: stories that trace and sustain the conflict between man and woman, parent and child, country and identity, self and sexuality, love and loss.

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Blood Collected Stories

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$18.60 SGD


"... De Jesus' characters inhabit a world of regret, loss and unfulfilled longing. In these works, there is as much said in the silences and ellipses, as there are in the fraught, perfunctory exchanges. ... De Jesus' economy of words and her voice, bleak and spare, yet intimate, recalls the virtuosity of short story fiction masters, such as Lorrie Moore and Edith Pearlman." —The Straits Times

“At the start of each compact narrative in this collection, Noelle Q. de Jesus places a cunning tiger of thrilling tension ready to spring. Thematically cogent, these stories are about the lives of the displaced — displaced of home, of generation, from both modernity and tradition. By turns, her voice will recall the graceful confidence of Maugham, the seedy but undeniable arch morality of Greene, the disorientations of Faulkner and the matter of fact elegance of Mansfield. Read and reread these psychologically realistic tale-like inventions with their playfully stabbing endings." —Michael Carroll, Author of Little Reef and Other Stories, Lambda Literary Award Winner 2015

“Carefully crafted and richly observed, these stories are filled with unforgettable women— devoted, deceitful, deluded, and so real, they might have been someone you once knew. Across climates and cultures, they show the immediacy of desire, the rawness of betrayal, the universality of pain and loss.” —F.H. Batacan, Author of Smaller and Smaller Circles

“Noelle Q. de Jesus writes with the self-assurance of a writer who always knows exactly where she is writing from, whether she is calling out from the deceivingly comfortable corners of a mundane life or reporting from the outskirts of a generation and a nation. In these many encounters, you will find yourself mesmerized by her beautiful voice, and always wanting to close the tender distance.” —Angelo R Lacuesta, Author of Flames and Other Stories


Noelle Q. de Jesus