The Tessellated Path

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 Set in the background of Singapore's struggle for independence, the narrative explores the notion of predestination. Determined to live a life far removed from that of her mother's and grandmother's, the protagonist, Lisa, sets off on her own to discover a life beyond her comfort zone. In this journey of discovery, she is wrenched from her traditional mode of thinking as she confronts betrayal, homosexuality, wife-battering, murder, suicide, fraud and lechery.

Interwoven with these are the historical moments which shaped the development of Singapore from a British Crown Colony to an independent nation. Although the narrative is rooted in autobiographical parallels and details, the portrayal of characters and dialogues are fictitious.

In The Tessellated Path, Rosaly Puthucheary has constructed an engrossing tale with allusions to the myths and legends of this region. The Vedic astrological sign, the Dragon's Tail, which hangs like a hostile force over the protagonist, becomes a metaphor for the unknown forces she must encounter to finally reach her destiny.


The Tessellated Path

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“This is a must-read: a powerful story with the potential of a great film. This is a feat of literary excellence where art and craft come together triumphantly.” – Kirpal Singh, SMU Associate Professor

“This book portrays the internal landscape of the tapestry of the mind. Its strength lies in the fact that it is so intently emotionally focused.” – Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew, NTU Associate Professor

“Through the vitality of the images and sensitivity, the reader is absorbed into the heart and poetic mind of Lisa.” – Mr Philip Conn, Architect


Rosaly Puthucheary