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by Timothy O’Grady


“He drew over his mistakes when he was small, then erased them and tried again when he was a little older. In time he came to doubt what he did, to make harsh judgements, but he survived this and kept drawing.”

In this chapter from an illustrated novel-in progress, the artistic talent of a boy blossoms amidst the political unrest of 1970s Northern Ireland. 

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About the Author

Timothy O’Grady was born in Chicago and has lived in Ireland, London, Spain and Poland. He was in Las Vegas after receiving a fellowship from the Black Mountain Institute there and stayed on for another year to teach. He has written three works of non-fiction, Curious Journey, On Golf and, most recently, Divine Magnetic Lands, an account of a return journey around America after thirty years of living in Europe. His novels are Motherland, I Could Read the Sky and Light.

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ISBN: 978-981-09-6094-0
Published: 2016
Dimension: 110mm x 180mm 
Extent: 54
Finish: Paperback



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