Hook and Eye: Stories from the Margins

“Each story invites readers to enter into the world of marginal yet strangely familiar figures, to explore the possibilities of empathy, and thus to see familiar landscapes in a new light.” —Philip Holden, editor

These stories are set in disparate locations in Singapore, ranging from landed properties to migrant worker dormitories, and speak of struggles and persistence. And love.


“Everest” by Balli Kaur Jaswal
“Margarine and the Syrian Refugee Project” by Koh Choon Hwee
“Cave Man” by Clara Chow
“Sophia’s Party” by Jeremy Tiang
“The Moral Support of Presence” by Karen Kwek
“Painting the Eye” by Philip Jeyaretnam
“Rich Man Country” by Leonora Liow
“Identity” by Latha (K.Kanagalatha)
“The Boy with the Missing Thumb” by Felix Cheong
“What They’re Doing Here” by Yu-Mei Balasingamchow
“The Borrowed Boy” by Alfian Sa’at

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Hook and Eye: Stories from the Margins

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Balli Kaur Jaswal’s “Everest” is a moving meditation on childhood, family, and the search for a home away from home ... At turns poignant and funny, this story captures life’s small, profound moments and makes them resonate well beyond their size. —Kirstin Chen, author of Bury What We Cannot Take

I hope that everyone who reads this story will return to it again and again, as I did, to revel in Koh’s vivid prose and finely observed details ... For here, as in all the best stories, is plenty with which to measure and know ourselves. —Theophilus Kwek, co-editor of Oxford Poetry, on “Margarine and the Syrian Refugee Project” by Koh Choon Hwee


Phillip Holden


Balli Kaur Jaswal, Koh Choon Hwee, Clara Chow, Jeremy Tiang, Karen Kwek, Philip Jeyaretnam, Leonora Liow, Latha (K.Kanagalatha), Felix Cheong, Yu-Mei Balasingamchow, Alfian Sa’at