Collected Plays One

 This collection of four plays by Alfian Sa’at explores the themes that have become a hallmark of the playwright’s work: national identity, racial relations, and the resistance of individuals against authoritarian systems. In The Optic Trilogy, the surfacing of buried secrets and repressed memories profoundly alters the way a man and woman see each other. In Fugitives, the members of a family discover that their self-definition relies on their interactions with ‘outsiders’ who exist beyond their comfort zones. In Homesick, a diasporic Singaporean family, quarantined during the SARS crisis, evaluate the meanings of home. And in sex.violence.blood. gore, the facade of a rigid, orderly society is peeled away to reveal chaotic passions.



Collected Plays One

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“The lyrical text weaves its way seductively into the mind, indulging it with its almost romantic metaphors. It may be the young playwright’s best work.” — The Straits Times on The Optic Trilogy (Best Original Script nominee*, 2002)

“A continuation of the legacy of good literature all over the world...letting the human story carry the issues, not the other way round... profoundly uplifting.” — Singapore Theatre Reviews on Fugitives (Best Original Script nominee*, 2003)

“Rises to the occasion admirably…endearing and engaging in its earnest intelligence and soaring ambitions.” —The Straits Times on Homesick (Best Original Script nominee*, 2007)

“One of those rare, exhilarating productions that revives our faith in the interrogative potential of theatre...the satire is uncompromisingly vitriolic, the commentary incisive and topical.” —The Arts Magazine on sex.violence.blood.gore *The Straits Times, Life Theatre Awards


Alfian Sa’at