Interlogue: Studies in Singapore Literature, Vol. 3: Drama

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Theatre in Singapore has come a long way since the colonial days. The mushrooming of theatre companies, the surge of theatrical performances since the 1980s, and the recent staging of Completely With/Out Character, which dealt with sensitive issues like AIDS and homosexuality, can attest readily to that. However, despite the vibrancy of the scene, criticism and the documentation of theatre and its development remain relatively undeveloped. Interlogue 3 seeks to bridge the gap in a small way.

In this volume, issues explored include Audrey Wong’s discussion of the state of local theatre, its problems and challenges; Birch’s exploration of how culture politics has defined Singapore’s theatre-going audiences and K.K. Seet’s feminist reading on Chin Woon Ping’s Madam White Snake at the Charming Garden Karaoke Lounge and Ovidia Yu’s The Woman in the Tree on the Hill.




In the Series:
Volume 1: Fiction
Volume 2: Poetry
Volume 3: Drama
Volume 4: Interviews
Volume 5: Robert Yeo
Volume 6: Haresh Sharma
Volume 7: Edwin Thumboo
Volume 8: Inteviews II



Interlogue: Studies in Singapore Literature, Vol. 3: Drama

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