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The Dictator's Eyebrow

Finalist for the Singapore Book Publishers Association Awards 2016.


This is a disturbing, poetic account of an unnamed dictator’s eyebrow whose longings, delusions of grandeur, and curious influence have shaped history in ways previously unknown—until now. Within a surreal tale about an eyebrow’s thirst for recognition and power, a love story also unexpectedly emerges.

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The Dictator's Eyebrow

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“No one innately understands the terror of modern ‘witch-hunt’ or the gravity of manicured eyebrows for stares and status the way sensitive and intelligent repressed-Singaporeans do. But it takes a poet to elevate the understanding to a grand level of intuitive soulfulness. A disquieting elegy and a sinfully sharp ode to the horror of self-aggrandizement. Very deliciously flavourful.” — X’Ho, author of Skew Me, You Rebel Meh?

“[Cyril’s] a fierce and moving voice that doesn’t recoil or compromise.” — Margot Schilpp, author of Civil Twilight

“An enthralling pyroclastic flow of poetic flagellation ripping the mask of stoic indifference and lapdog-media concocted majestic stature of a narcissistic tyrant. And every wordstroke of the poet never fails to decode and eviscerate the megalomaniac to the grave.” — Elangovan, recipient of the 1997 SEA Write Award


Cyril Wong