Trackless Paths


Cerealbox Studios’ Joshua Chiang breathes new life into some of the wisest words ever spoken with an enthralling menagerie of animal characters created especially for this collection Each illustration is rendered in a pencil-and-digital watercolor style, and paired with a saying or an excerpt from writings by sages and literary figures.

Joshua’s animal characters speak with endearing postures, and grab the reader’s heart with the beauty of their fine visual lines matched with the collective wisdom of the ages.

The wise sayings which inspired the illustrations in this book come from a diverse range of spiritual (and the occasional non-spiritual) sources from different cultures and time periods, covering themes from love, to courage, to coping with grief, and are chosen for their ability to inspire, heal and challenge. The diversity is intentional; Wisdom and Truth are not confined to any creed or denomination and there is always beauty in every spiritual tradition. It is this universal beauty that Chiang hopes to share.

These illustrations also appear on postcards.

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Trackless Paths

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“Joshua Chiang can’t fool me. This is the product of one who has watched too many cartoons and is still playing with his imaginary friends. His characters have been around long before their lines and colours are pressed onto a page. Their endearing, vivid expressions are those of his soul at its various stages of growth and inquiry. Trackless Paths is a delightful rest house between innocence and experience, listening and applying, on this lonely journey of life we share.” - Gwee Li Sui, Writer, literary critic, graphic artist


Joshua Chiang