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by Edwin Thumboo
translated by Stewe Claesson, Henrik C Enbohm, Jonas Ellerström, Lennart Nyberg and Lars-Håkan Svensson


35 for Gothenburg is a collection of the most notable and new poetry by Emeritus Professor Edwin Thumboo, translated into Swedish to introduce Singapore to a wide Swedish audience. For Swedes, Professor Thumboo's poetry is a way to reach an even better understanding of Singapore, its people, its history and its culture.

Appropriately, Gothenburg plays the important role as entry point into Sweden for the strong Singaporean poetry of Professor Thumboo. Singapore and Gothenburg have enjoyed contacts since the 18th century, both with important harbours and for centuries heavily relying on trade. In addition, Gothenburg and Singapore have lions as their symbols, two "lion cities", if it may be said.

About the Author

Edwin Thumboo, Emeritus Professor and Professorial Fellow, National University of Singapore, has been involved in Singapore’s literary developments since 1951. He has published five volumes of poetry, the latest being Still Travelling (2008). Thumboo received the Singapore National Book Development Council’s Book Award for Poetry in English thrice, South-east Asia Write Award (1979), Singapore Cultural Medallion (1980), ASEAN Cultural and Communication Award in Literature (1987), and the Raja Rao Award (2002). A Fellow of the International Writing Programme, University of Iowa since 1977, he has given readings in various universities and international literary festivals.

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Co-publisher: National Arts Council of Singapore
ISBN: 978-981-08-4018-1
Published: 2009

Dimension: 140mm x 205mm
Extent: 136
Finish: Paperback



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