Ah... The Fragrance of Durians

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“...if you had done it alone, it might not have been that serious. But still, skinny-dipping is taboo in our society. For Christ’s sake, do it in the privacy of your bathroom if you want to expose yourself.”

Is there really an acceptable code of behaviour by which we judge others? In this collection of distinctively Singaporean short stories we meet people we know and think we understand, but do we really?

• Ah... the Fragrance of Durians and Other Stories was first published in 1993, and in that same year was awarded the Publishers Prize for fiction.
The stories – filled with life’s many ironies – are told with remarkable credibility because they are about people whom we know too well or think we know in our very own real life experiences. Beneath the simplicity of the stories are the varied themes presented by the human psyche – themes that tell of a suppressed consciousness that often we are reluctant to acknowledge, and one that compels us, sometimes frighteningly, to confront the true meaning of life.

Leo has published four volumes of short stories to date. Besides fiction, he also writes poetry. Ah...The Fragrance of Durians (2nd edition) is published under The Ethos Evergreens Series, a series that aims to keep good Singaporean literature in the public eye.

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Ah... The Fragrance of Durians

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