Beyond The Village Gate

 Myths of the mountains and their spirits pervade stories of Shi Ying’s mysterious origins. Abandoned to die but saved by a villager, Shi Ying is named the “lost child” and taken into a family of fisherfolk. She does not know who her parents are, or who she is. When she befriends a village outcast with whom she feels a strange bond, her journey into the unknown, in search of her parents and her true identity, begins.

Beyond The Village Gate won a Commendation Award in the Singapore Literature Prize (SLP) in 1992 and was first published in 1994. Beyond The Village Gate (2nd edition) is published under The Ethos Evergreens Series, a series that aims to keep good Singaporean literature in the public eye.

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Beyond The Village Gate

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"I was given this book as a gift from a friend. Any book that I can learn from, I will read. I not only found this book intriguing, but educational as well. Being born and living in America, I found this book to enlighten me on the lifestyles in another country. I somehow found myself engrossed in this book and began relating the friendship that ensued between Shi Ying and Xiao Ling that even through pregnancy and marriage; they remained friends forever. This book is well written and easy to read. It's to the point and not too detailed or too deep that one couldn't understand what the book is all about. I love the meaning behind the White Tiger. I've learned a lot from this book. I definitely recommend it." —Barbara Rucco, a reviewer on Amazon who rated this book with 5 stars


Mei Ching Tan